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Humanizing digital communication / 
Wintelligen is a modular suite that brings intelligence and integration to all your already implemented tech services and makes them work in a native and intuitive way.
As a tech startup company based in Barcelona, Spain; Wintelligen aim is to offer the next generation of intelligent connectivity and the future for wireless connections. Their expertise cover a wide spectrum of technology services such as, IA, Machine Learning, Big Data as well as a suite for creating bots .
The identity distinction is the ability to adapt. 
The company projection is ambitious; For the solution, we created an entire system based on a basic form inspired in the first letter of the company name, the letter " W " , as a result, and identity that is consistent and can adapt towards the growth of the company. 
Brand launched at the 2017 Web Summit, in Lisbon Portugal.


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1W 1tipo 2Logos 3BW 4primarios 5Secund 6Variantes 7papeles 8posters 9Bot 10Emotions 11Tts 12Ho 12People 13Idea 14Bus 15Flag . video wintelligen